The Kreative Habitat community is a web network covering all agents involved on the value chain of the industry materials of the habitat inside the SUDOE space such as companies, producers, distributors, end users, professionals of the creative industries, investigation and innovation centres, universities, technologic centres, among others.

The participation on the community allows the following advantages:

  • Meeting point between the supply and demand on the field of the materials on habitat sector;
  • Contacts in the value chain the industry materials of the habitat producers, distributors, developers, architects, engineers, investigation and innovation organisms;
  • Possibility to establish cooperations/agreements both commercial as new product development in materials of the habitat sector;
  • Technologic transfer and technical advice towards the development of new products/innovative services and/or customization for specific purposes;
  • Commercial dissemination of new products/services on the community;
  • Access to new information on the needs, demand, challenges and interests and also the state of the art on the innovations in the field of materials on the habitat sector;
  • Networking on SUDOE space (Spain, France and Portugal) with European visibility, smoothing transnational cooperation.
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