For the development of the Project three materials were selected and on those KET were applied in order to develop new and improved materials with higher performances and features. The ones selected were: Composite materials (polymer or ceramic); cork; Natural Stone: granite, marble and slate.

The composite materials are relevant in Spain and in the south of France, the cork in Portugal and center of Spain and the natural stone in the south and northwest of Spain.

The selection criteria implemented by the project partners were:
» Relevance of the material in the economic activity of the SUDOE region of the partner
» Existing Companies/Associations/clusters in the region related with the material
» Potential applications of KET on the material (new features and added value)
» Technical feasilibility of the development to be undertaken with the material and the Technology Readiness Level


These are formed by the union of two materials to achieve the properties combination that is not possible to achieve in the original materials. These composites can be selected to reach unusal combinations of stiffness, resistance, weight, performance at high temperature, resistance to corrosion and conductivity.


Plant tissue, composed by several layers of dead cells, that covers the external side of the tree trink and the covers of some trees, in particular the cork-oak; it is characterized by the impermeability and elasticity and it is used in numerous industries such as insulation, footwear, pavement, etc.


Materials that are directly extracted from the nature and that, due to its treatment are suitable to be used as construction products.