KrEaTive Habitat

Technology transfer from Key enabling technologies (KET) to real market applications in creative industries related with the habitat industry in the SUDOE space.

The construction sector, which prevails in the SUDOE space, has suffered an important global crisis. Within the economic sector of construction there has been traditionally and a majority on the habitat cluster formed by different productive systems associated to materials such as stone, ceramic, wood, among others.

On the growing European sector of creative industries, the unique architecture and the design represent two very interesting subsectors and with high added value around which the materials clusters of Habitat can and should be oriented towards promoting an intelligent and sustainable growth going beyond the traditional applications related to the massive construction industry.

Each of the materials associated to the habitat industry has developed several strategies to face the common crisis, implementing resources, infrastructures, knowledge and industry technologies to improve the competitiveness of their products. But, these partial developments are not enough to approach the individual problem solving and even less the common problems. This situation was even worse in South Portugal and Andaluzia, which have a modest innovation potential.

The KrEaTive habitat Project aims at promoting the joint investigation applied to the different materials that integrate the architectural Habitat Sector trough the proximity, adapting and validating KET (advanced materials, nanotechnology and biotechnology). Through these Technologies the Project aims at improving the technical response of the materials and also to include new characteristics, that have never been seen before in these materials and that allow to make them more appealing to be used in Architecture, design and in general in creative industries.


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